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Project Description



ROOF Group – a new, hungry player in the real estate market approached us with a challenge: how could we take traditional real estate branding and marketing to the next level, and create a real estate brand that makes a truly meaningful impact on people’s lives.


Our team sat down with the people behind ROOF Group, and through multiple discussion sessions discovered the true core behind the vision and mission of the brand. We established that to make a true impact in people’s lives, the brand needs to create value not only in the sales process of a home, but more broadly, create value to all people who actively think about the way they live.

Backed with this new, clear mission statement, we developed a brand identity that had a strong focus in building an internal and external culture of bringing extra value to every stage of living in a home. To connect with ROOF Group’s target audience our team crafted a visual identity strategy that based itself around the idea of bringing a humane touch to the visual communication of the brand. This new identity was applied to the redesigned website and other communication channels, such as social media, newsletters, invites and flyers.

To communicate the new brand culture to the real estate agents working with ROOF Group, we developed a personal branding strategy that our team introduced to the agents in the form of a interactive training day filled with deep discussion, thought provoking exercises and hands-on education.

Lastly, this new brand core and culture was condensed into one, meaningful sentence.
”ROOF Group – Asuminen on tunne.”

(transl. ROOF Group – Living is a feeling)