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Project Description



Every now and then, you meet people who have already figured out the answer to the question ”what’s next?”. Working with these kinds of people gets us always excited!

This is exactly what happened when Lunette – an inspiring brand behind a groundbreaking innovation, the menstrual cup – and Töttöröö Network, a YouTube agency representing Finland’s top vloggers, approached us.

They had a plan. They wanted to create a brand film that would convey Lunette’s values and core message, and use a YouTube-influencer as the spokesperson for it. To bring this plan into reality they chose to turn to our expertise for help. We partnered with the group and together sketched out a plan to create an inspiring, empowering message.


While discussing about the project we quickly understood that Lunette is so much more than just a groundbreaking innovation. Lunette is a strong community of women, who dare to live and pursue their dreams. To connect with this community, and encourage more women to be brave, we felt that the brand film should focus on these values.

Veronica Verho, a Finnish YouTube-star, had already worked with Lunette on previous projects, and after interviewing her about her life, we felt like she was the right spokesperson for Lunette’s brand values. Her story – a little girl from a tiny village, who has taken over the world and pursued and achieved great goals – was a great representation of the brand’s own story: Lunette started out as a small company in a small village, but now the innovation has taken over the world, and changed the lives of a large group of women, all around the world.

Working closely with Veronica, we discovered the turning points of her life that felt relevant and important in the context of the brand film. Based on these interviews we wrote a narrative that told the encouraging life story of Veronica and focused on the values we wanted to convey – bravery, independence, womanhood and authenticity.

The result was a meaningful, emotional brand film that women all around the world could identify with.